Just a recipe on how to make lemonade ...

Hi! I am Elvi. I live, work and play in New York City. Initially I started this blog to share my experiences with the world about my breast cancer diagnosis and the chemotherapy afterwards, but now (knock knock on wood) I just write about my everyday life encounters. I believe, that every experience in life can be turned into a positive one, hence the title ... When life gives you lemons make lemonade! (And I've made lots of it already!)

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2010

Hi Everyone!

This site has been "dead" for quite a while, which just means that I am still alive and so is this new post by my friend Bird, whom I met "here" on the internet. She designed our pinwheels and flowers LoLo party, that still decorates some of my thirsty plants in the living room. Check out her printable collection for a Pink Lemonade party or any other party. She is one talented birdie!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Twins coming soon! :o)

I noticed that a few people still visit this (thankfuly) long forgotten blog, so I decided to update it with the latest: we are expecting twins! Life must go on ... some suggested I don't have children due to my er+ pr+ diagnosis, but after research and discussions with my oncologist and other doctors we decided to go for it - it's a girl and a boy and we are sooo excited! Three years ago this seemed like lightyears away, but now that I am as huge as a whale and feel 4 feet surfing through my stomach it is becoming very, very real!

I will start a new blog about our new life so I can keep grandma in Slovakia updated and the few of my loyal readers who are interested :o)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I am still alive and dancing! :)

I don't feel like writing these days .. let alone writing this blog that represents the saddest part of my life, so I don't. I am trying to put all these random thoughts of little over a year into a book and it's going painfully slow. Writing about cancer is like re-living it all again and I am so grateful for my short term memory being exceptionally short that I do not remember the details any longer. I can hardly recall my exact diagnosis - the one that I could recite backwards in latin and from my sleep not that long time ago. I hate getting cancer emails and cancer letters, because mailing lists seem to be efficient with my updated mailing address! Someone somewhere put my name on the "she's got cancer, would love to receive every single printed paper and article with the word cancer" list and so now I receive it all - newsletters, magazines, letters asking for donations on a daily basis, stickers with my address and pink ribbons, catalogues selling t-shirts and mugs in pink .. you name it - I get it every single day in my mailbox. I can not just run to the silver iron box with a key in one hand and bag in the other - I have to embrace myself before I open the magic box and in the best case scenario I also find a Victoria's Secret catalogue (addressed to my hubby) among the stuff that keeps falling out. The postman must think that I've got at least 55 kinds of cancer by the ammount of recyclable paper I get, yet I only had two, Excuse Moi! Oh yes, and we also get the bills! Two and a half years later we still get medical bills - "blablachectomony of the upper right trichtomony" done in 2005 - 2000USD! A what? Is there a breast in that sentence somewhere or did I get my neighbor's cat's bill from the vet? So despite of my brain malfunction that gives me advantage of forgetting cancer the marketing professionals do an amazing job to keep me involved in this painful world of disease. I think I should send a memo to all of them "Uhmm, can you please stop sending your stuff and wasting Earth on me? I also live here and I am healthy!"